Angels for children is a non-profit organization and is only financed with donation money. Here, the administrative costs are also kept low.

With every donation supporting the organization, you support the children’s education. All of the donation money is used only to finance projects and to keep the infrastructure alive. The organization is not corruptible and does also not captivate others in contrast to the rising corruption in Laos.

All over the world, education is the key to success. Especially in countries like Laos it is important to provide good education, as there are only few professional perspectives when you are not taking part in the system of corruption, the educational quality in the schools is low, the poor country has not enough money to improve the educational situation and drug problems are increasing. Education offers help for everybody, no matter if you live in Germany or in Laos. In Germany, the high educational standard is guaranteed by social security and a working education system. This is not the case in Laos. Therefore, good vocational training is very precious in Laos. It makes it possible for children to freely develop themselves, just as the organization’s foundress Ingrid Engel wanted to.

Help us to achieve this goal through your donations!

Donations to current account

Grants for financing investments, regularly recurring or one-time issues will carried out via a current account. These can be single donations or regularly recurring grants. The donated money will be used statutory as required or after the foundation council’s decision, as long as you do not state an intended use.

Donations account “Angels for Children” Hypo Vereinsbank AG Weiden

BLZ: 753 200 75

Konto: 301 709 072

IBAN: DE30 7532 0075 0301 7090 72


It is possible to issue a donation receipt. Therefore please enter your address in the donation form.

Thank you for your support!