Science education

Thanks to a generous donation from the married couple Monika and Marion Schellberg, a classroom for science lessons could be built in the lower secondary school Ban Phang Heng in 2015. In the summer of 2015, the conversion and expansion of the sports hall on the school grounds into a modern physics and chemistry room, as well as a room for preparing lessons and storing materials, began. The classroom, which was completed at the beginning of 2016, has four large multi-purpose desks with washbasins and power sockets and can accommodate almost 35 pupils. Thanks to the modern equipment with a projector, air conditioning system and additional seating, it can also be used as a multi-purpose room, for example for film screenings and lectures.

Over the years, the physics and chemistry room has been filled with more and more life. The science teachers of the lower secondary school have developed and created various practical experiments with which lessons can be made exciting, instructive and above all varied for the pupils. Especially in the cooperation project “Teaching English in Laos” with the Karlsruhe University of Education, new methods and approaches were developed in this area through joint workshops, projects and lessons.