Ensuring access to education

The existence of a school is no guarantee that children will (be able to) attend school. The foundation Angels for Children is therefore committed to enabling all children in the vicinity of the schools to attend school. The foundation takes care for the registration of all school-age children from the age of six, by providing teachers of the schools to support the community administrations. Furthermore school uniforms are provided and school materials for children from particularly poor families are donated.

Especially in the early days of the foundation, ensuring access to education was a major task. Due to the chronic underfunding of schools, the low number of teachers and the costs incurred by families when sending their children to school (clean school uniform, learning materials, lunch money, etc.), few parents sent their children to school. The Foundation’s work at this time was to enable all children to attend school by providing them with school uniforms and learning materials free of charge from the Foundation. This increased the school attendance rate in a short time.