Improving school education

In a five-year pilot project from 2015 – 2020, the Angels for Children Foundation cooperated with Prof. Dr Isabel Martin from the University of Education Karlsruhe (PH Karlsruhe) in the bi-directional teaching and learning project “Teaching English in Laos”. In joint tandem teams, Lao teachers and students and graduates from the PH Karlsruhe worked together to improve teaching in the subjects of English, science and mathematics. During the period, eight teams worked for several months under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Isabel Martin at the Foundation’s schools in Laos.

2015: Start of the pilot project

Aims of the cooperation project

Improvement of pedagogy

Improving the pedagogical skills of Lao and German (trainee) teachers within the framework of the tandem work (job shadowing, observing lessons, tandem teaching, feedback, joint lesson preparation)

Joint workshops

Joint teacher training workshops (including classroom games, methods, pronunciation, teaching materials, vocabulary training, picture books, science materials, storytelling, science experiments, mathematical materials in the classroom, etc.)

Advancement of English

Improving the English skills of Lao teachers

Improving administration

Improvement of school administration

In 2016, the project was also extended to BHS Corrugated’s Recruitment and Training Programme at Lao-German Technical College. In 2018, a university cooperation was also established between PH Karlsruhe and Savannakhet University, and in 2019 with the Vocational Education Development Institute in Vientiane.

The English project blog “The Laos Experience” was established at the beginning of the cooperation project. Regular reports from students, lecturers and project partners, especially from Germany and Laos, are published on the blog.

The schools of the foundation are also listed under the tabs “primary education” and “secondary education“.

The project has made the teaching of English, mathematics and science more interactive and varied. The Lao teachers of many subjects – not only English – were able to improve their English skills. German and Lao teachers were also able to learn from each other and strengthen their didactic and methodological design of lessons, as well as their preparation and follow-up. The pilot project therefore created sustainable structures at the Foundation’s schools to provide better education for the students.

Testimonials of German volunteer teachers of the program

Name: Pauline Castillo

Work in the project: September – December 2016 as a Non-English teacher in Ban Phang Heng lower secondary school and Mopsy teacher for the pre-schoolers in Ban Sikeud Primary School.

Current work: Primary school teacher at a school centre in Baden-Wuerttemberg

This is what the Angels for Children Foundation means to me: “Light-heartedness, joy, fascinating culture, an everlasting smile, gratitude, inquisitiveness, contentment and peace of mind.”

Name: Jasmin Unterweger

Work in the project: August 2018 – February 2019 at Ban Phang Heng lower secondary school

Current work: Bachelor’s degree in primary school teaching (European studies) and school support.

This is what the Angels for Children Foundation means to me: Wonderful landscapes, warm-hearted people, joy-radiating children. The foundation has enabled me to develop both personally and professionally. Friendships have developed that have enriched my life in the long term!

Name: Veronika Golla

Work in the project: Part of the teams IV (February- April 2017) and V (Team V (September 2017 – February 2018) Collaboration with the Lahr science teachers Phit, Latsamee, Chanmany and Khamsee at Phang Heng Secondary School. Together with Rebecca Dengler responsible for the “Pageflow” and the lab.

Current work: Teacher trainee at a primary school in Rottweil, from September 2021 primary school teacher in Waldenbuch.

This is what the Angels for Children Foundation means to me: The Foundation has made it possible for me to spend two stays abroad, through which I was able to gain very valuable experience with regard to my professional career and the development of my personality. Through the project “Teaching English in Laos”, I have also become part of an extensive network by making both German and Laotian friends with whom I am still in contact.