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Believe In You – The Story behind the Song

The best ideas often come from the fresh air – especially if you spend a lot of time inside during a pandemic anyway. This is what happened in May 2020 to Dr Markus Ringer, project manager of the ABBO project of the Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) Foundation, which is close to Angels for Children. During a walk with his family in the Waldnaab Valley (Bavaria), he spontaneously thought of the melody to a ballad, which he immediately whistled into his wife’s mobile phone. That same evening he wrote the melody down on his PC and “Believe In You” was born. In the months that followed, the piece was refined and finally, with the Austrian Peter Leitner, an arranger came along who transformed the composition into a special arrangement for wind orchestra according to the wishes of the author.

Through the chairman of the Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) Foundation, Prof. Dr. Erich Bauer, Dr. Markus Ringer came into contact with theAngels for Children Foundation in the spring of 2021. His long-held desire to be able to help children in need (especially in view of the current pandemic situation) led to the idea of putting together a world selection of first-class musicians for a musical online fundraising event. This event was to take the form of a video, with each musician contributing his or her own sound and video recording, which would then be put together to form a large orchestra.

"Believe In You - the single is meant to give courage to believe in yourself even in difficult times."

The concept met with great openness at the Angels for Children Foundation. With extraordinary energy, motivation and enthusiasm, Markus Ringer made this concept a reality. In the end, 33 musicians from ten countries agreed to support the project. And that’s not all: the musicians are not just anyone, but, depending on the instrument, relevant legends, the best in their field and genre. For Markus Ringer, this was a dream come true.

"It's just great to help children and at the same time to be able to set up an international music project with your great role models, who are all really great people."

Dr. Markus Ringer

Dr. Markus Ringer gives an insight into the development process and what “Believe in You” means to himself.

What was most challenging and rewarding during the process?

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