Objectives and Principles

The founder of Angels for Children, Ingrid Engel, who died too young in 2011, formulated the aim of the foundation in the following way:


„All children – no matter where they were born – should have the same opportunities. With our family foundation “Angels for Children” we want to help children in Laos to achieve that goal.“



Therefore Angels for children supports education in the three governmental schools of the foundation. The foundation realizes its aim by building and maintenance of the three school buildings, as well as the establishment of a functioning educational environment with adequate equipment, supplying of teaching materials, subsidisation for the teachers as governmental payment is too low to practise teaching as the only profession and extra activities like physical education, dancing and drawing groups and sports days. Though there is private support the schools are still governmental schools and so they are open to everyone as no fee must be paid.

The foundation sees its responsibility not only in renovation and maintenance of the buildings, furthermore its concern is to establish a sustainable and need-based centre of education in a country in which education doesn’t have a very high status. The intention of the founder Ingrid Engel is realised through steady development of the offers to make sure the Laotian children have the most chances for their future. The work of the foundation is therefore always in harmony with religion and culture of the country and doesn’t interfere with private parenting.
Another aim of the foundation is to improve the health care of the Laotian children and their parents. As there is no public health system in Laos illnesses are a huge financial burden for low-income families. Angels for children finances medical check-ups on a regular basis and also provides help for serious individual cases.