The foundation “Angels for Children“, founded by Ingrid Engel in 2003, aims to provide children in Laos with a good school education and vocational training.

The foundation promotes holistic educational work through various approaches. The aim is to break the vicious circle of poor school education, unemployment and poverty.

In three Lao governmental schools near the capital Vientiane, more than 2,000 students receive free access to good education, taught by more than 60 teachers.

Through projects, the foundation Angels for Children provides a variety of educational and developmental opportunities. In addition to varied lessons, basic health care and extracurricular activities, the aim is to facilitate a smooth transition to vocational training.

The work of the foundation is always in harmony with culture and religion; it does not influence the private education of the children.

The work of the foundation Angels for Children is financed exclusively by donations. With every donation, you continue to help ensure good education, training and development opportunities for the children.