The motivation for the foundation “Angels for Children

“All children – no matter where they were born – should have the same opportunities.”
–    Ingrid Engel –


Breslau January 1945

After an announcement on the radio to the civilian population my parents leave with my little sister and me on a bike the city which lays in ice and snow. One day later our father is able to get us on a crowded train to Dresden in Freiburg/Silesia. He has to remain behind. We survive the bombardment of Dresden. My mother takes the chance to go on a military train to Bayern – final stop Grafenwöhr.
How lucky I’ve been: born in middle Europe, growing up in West Germany after the end of war. I had the chance to have access to all educational opportunities.



Vientiane January 2003

A visit to Laos and Cambodia leaves me thoughtfully behind. Which chances do the children in these countries have? Surely not the ones I had or if, they have to follow a much more troublesome way. How could I help some of these children?
If you want to take a chance for your life you first have to achieve the knowledge which chances you have. I got to know my opportunities through the school education my mother provided for me.
All children – no matter where they were born – should have the same opportunities. With our family foundation “Angels for Children” we want to help children in Laos to achieve that goal.


Ingrid Engel (✝)