Angels for children does not convey partnerships with children, as we want to ensure that every child in school has the same chances as the others. This is very important in Socialist Laos. But Angels for children gives free school clothing to them and additionally provides books if necessary. Thus, everybody has free access  to needed school material, sports equipment, musical instruments and drawing materials.

This is the reason why we offer you to take over a partnership for a tree in the schoolyard which has several benefits:

  • your donation will help every child the same way as it will be used to finance school projects
  • your tree provides shade to the children which is very welcome at 40 degrees in lunch break
  • you contribute to the reforestation of Laos – the tree population sunk remarkably in the last years



A tree partnership is 10€ a month.  A tree will be planted by Angels for children and your name added to it.  You will receive pictures with your tree and the pupils on it on a regular basis, so you can watch both the tree and the children grow up.

Interested? Contact us!